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Legal Brief Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Lawful Brief - Assignment Example f Sony to Court of Appeal for the Ninth Circuit, which decided for Universal City Studios and others lastly moved to US Supreme which decided for Sony. The arrangements identifying with out of line rivalry of the Lamham Act were material to this case notwithstanding 17 U.S.C. Â § 101 (Copyright Act of 1976). The reasonable use principle for utilization of copyrighted substance, the arrangements for copyright encroachment notwithstanding arrangements 17 U.S.C. Â § 106, which allows the copyright proprietors a few rights were appropriate for giving a decision in each issue that was brought up in this suit. The essential issue that was brought up in his suit was whether Sony Corp. was at risk for contributory copyright encroachment by assembling the item named Betamax. The other issue was that whether Betamax itself was an item which could encourage copyright encroachment or it was an item whose reason for existing was to encourage real use by the copyright proprietors. This issue must be resolved so as to discover answers to the primary issue. The case initially moved to the Federal District Court, where Sony Corp. won the body of evidence against its offended parties. The offended parties Universal Studios and Walt Disney at that point spoke to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, where choice was passed for the appellants Universal Studios and Walt Disney. Sony Corp. at that point at long last chose to move the US Supreme Court for choice on the issue. The US Supreme Court decided for Sony Corp. by a 5-4 dominant part. Subsequently Sony Corp. was permitted to make Betamax and later an item named VHS in US without getting obligated for copyright encroachment and without being at risk to pay any harms. The case builds up general guideline for mechanical turn of events and favors the privilege of the overall population to make legitimate proprietors of copyright to make duplicates through specialized gadgets for their very own utilization. The general guideline set up for this situation was that by assembling an item which can be utilized to

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A Scary Sleepover at Jennifers free essay sample

One Scary Lesson Lub name, overwhelming breathing, lub name. My heart beat was as though it was going to begin hammering out through my noggin, as I was attempting to pause. I could hear strides coming up behind me like a tiger was pursuing at my heels. A boisterous shout pierced my ears and reverberated many, ordinarily in my psyche. My considerations dashed starting with one thing then onto the next. Subsequent to locking the entryway, the four of us secured in a corner for about 60 minutes. My day had started ordinary. I recall that I woke up, went to class and wound up with my companions that evening. My organization comprised five of my nearest amigos, Latisha, Alex (my sibling), first light, Kristina, and my closest companion Jennifer.. We as a whole had hung out commonly previously and knew each other well. For a large portion of the night, we lounged around recounting to frightening stories and tattling about different colleagues. Time passed rapidly and soon, the time had come to head home. The young ladies were all arranging a sleepover party at Jennifer’s. Her mother had left town for the end of the week, and she was not ready to remain alone. We began our night of relaxation by getting into our nightgown, and coming back to our frightening stories.Before acknowledging it, one more hour had passed. All the narratives more likely than not gotten to us on the grounds that before we went upstairs we ensured each light was on in the house. The hair on the rear of my neck actually started to ascend as we tuned in to the virus quietness. In the close to remove we tuned in to three uproarious vehicle horns and an entryway hammer. We, at that point, bounced away from the window and began down the steps. Mostly down the steps, we all halted abruptly of our tracks. The rooftop started to shake and seemed like an infant clatter, maybe somebody was moving across it.Our beats were bouncing as we flew down the rest of the steps. Lub name, overwhelming relaxing. We at that point crouched together in the kitchen. For our own security, we at that point assembled a gigantic sharp blade and the telephone. We thought of clarifications to ease our psyches concluding that the horn was a neighbor and the bang on the rooftop was the feline. Quieting our musings down, we loose into a gathering, sitting on the counter. We chuckled so hard that tears ran down our faces, thinking what fools we had been, and developed calm once more. we heard a few vehicle entryways pummeling, once more. Quietly gazing at each other our eyes became wide as we dithered to jump.Latisha attempted to clarify Its simply the neighbors. We murmured with alleviation that somebody had really ended the quietness. Finally, we built up the solidarity to begin back up the steps. This time we made it past the base portion of he steps where we could see out the window. Jennifer, who was standing out, shouted. All of us had not arrived at the segment of the steps to see out the window. I was next in line as I inclined by to perceive what was occurring. I watched out to see our vehicles in the carport, headlights shinning. We turned and rushed to the base of the stairs.We moved more than each other to arrive at the security of the restroom. Every one of the four of us flung our bodies against the entryway as we hammered and bolted it firmly. Jennifer started to cry, taking short sharp breaths that made her shake quickly. Lub name , overwhelming breathing I sat lub name, substantial breathing to get my air. Sunrise got the telephone from Jens hand and quickly dialed 9-1-1. At the point when the administrator started to speak, Latisha thrusted the telephone into Jennifer’s shaking hands. Jen took the telephone, not understanding what was happening, and hung it up. Kristina and I stood hindering the entryway in dismay of our situation.I felt on edge, tuning in to jen sob, tears moving down her face. The telephone rang. With sickening apprehension, we as a whole hopped, as we took a gander at the telephone, bantering in our brains who might get it. I looked as Jennifer got the telephone and shakingly addressed Hello? We as a whole sat tight for Jennifer’s response to the guest. She let out a major murmur of help telling us it was the 9-1-1 administrator. Jennifer remained on the telephone line with the administrator, who really quieted her down for almost a thirty minutes. We didn’t hear anything for a brief timeframe, however we were unable to leave the washroom since we were all the while hanging tight for the police to arrive.Suddenly, it started again and we heard noisy strikes against the side of the house. As dividers shook, Jennifer shrieked and tears began to tumble from her eyes once more. The doorbell started to ring and my pulse developed colossally. I was so distraught the lub name, overwhelming breathing returned thundering out of my chest. The police had not shown up and everything began to obscure in my brain. The administrator said the cops were outside yet not to give them access until they did a code thump. We paused, tuning in to everything that occurred outside the entryway that covered us so firmly. Slamming began once more, this time with voices. Voices that sounded terrified and requesting. For a second we dithered then perceived the voices. It was Cody and Lee at the indirect access. Jennifer’s and Kristina’s beaus. Wrath coursed through my body as we flung open the washroom entryway and the four of us ran out, similar to a football crew prepared to play intense resistance. The lub name, and substantial breathing started to settle as we opened the secondary passage and let them in. They ran in and bolted the entryway behind them. We hollered at them harshly as we saw the cops sitting outside. Opening the entryway, we apologized to the cops numerous times.The cops requested that the young men step outside, inquiring as to whether she wished to squeeze charges. Decisively, Jen said no and the cops drove away. They left us with a touch of counsel; they said Lay these young men down and kick them a few times. We as a whole snickered, however the folks realized this was an unmistakable chance! The folks came inside where we spoke for a long time about a joke they thought was so amusing. While talking about, the young ladies saw how everything became all-good. For example, the folks getting to the house before us and Jennifer thinking she opened her door, which wasnt truly locked.When the folks left we ridiculed every others response to the episode. Discussing how we ought to have flipped off a portion of the lights. The folks had educated us that they saw everything we might do the entire night. Despite the fact that we realized what the young men had done we despite everything had issues staying asleep for the entire evening. We thought, imagine a scenario in which somebody came after the folks had returned home. We would simply expect it was the folks again and not play it safe required. I cannot accept we had such a frightening night. Presently every time we as a whole social gathering once more, we snicker about our nieveity during the occurrence.

ASU Admissions - ACT Scores, Financial Aid More

ASU Admissions - ACT Scores, Financial Aid More Over portion of all understudies to Alabama State University get dismissal letters; in 2016, the acknowledgment rate was 46 percent. All things considered, the confirmations bar isnt excessively high. Many conceded understudies have SAT and ACT scores that are beneath normal, and a GPA of C or higher is regularly satisfactory (best candidates are up in the An a B extend). The college utilizes a file of GPA and grades for confirmation qualification, so understudies with higher evaluations can have lower test scores and tight clamp versa. Make certain to visit the ASU affirmations site for more data. Will You Get In? Figure Your Chances of Getting Inâ with this free instrument from Cappex Affirmations Data (2016): Alabama State University Acceptance Rate: 46 percentGPA, ACT and SAT diagram for Alabama StateTest Scores 25th/75th PercentileSAT Critical Reading: 370/460SAT Math: 360/460What these SAT numbers meanCompare Alabama SAT scoresACT Composite: 15â /19ACT English: 14/19ACT Math: 15â /17What these ACT numbers meanCompare Alabama ACT scores Alabama State University Description: Alabama State University is an open, generally dark college situated on a 135-section of land grounds in Montgomery, a city with a rich social liberties history. Established in 1867, the schools long history has developed with the citys. Today, understudies originate from 42 states and 7 nations, and they can look over around 50 degree programs at the undergrad and graduate level. Science, business, criminal equity, and social work are especially well known. The educational plan is bolstered by a 17 to 1â student/staff proportion. Understudy life is dynamic at the college and incorporates various societies and sororities. In games, the Alabama State Hornets, contend in the NCAA Division I Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). The college fields seven mens and nine womens Division I sports. Enlistment (2016): All out Enrollment: 5,318 (4,727 undergraduates)Gender Breakdown: 38 percent male/62 percent female92 percent full-time Costs (2016 - 17): Educational cost and Fees: $9,220â (in-state); $16,156â (out-of-state)Books: $1,600 (why so much?)Room and Board: $5,422Other Expenses: $3,392Total Cost: $19,634â (in-state); $26,570 (out-of-state) Alabama State University Financial Aid (2015-16): Level of New Students Receiving Aid: 97 percentPercentage of New Students Receiving Types of AidGrants: 90 percentLoans: 83 percentAverage Amount of AidGrants: $6,831Loans: $6,634 Scholarly Programs: Most Popular Majors: Accounting, Biology, Business Administration, Communications, Criminal Justice, Elementary Education, Physical Education, Psychology, Social WorkWhat major is directly for you? Sign up to take the free My Careers and Majors Quiz at Cappex. Move, Retention and Graduation Rates: First Year Student Retention (full-time understudies): 63 percent4-Year Graduation Rate: 7 percent6-Year Graduation Rate: 22 percent Intercollegiate Athletic Programs: Mens Sports: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Track and Field, Cross CountryWomens Sports: Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, Bowling, Track and Field Information Source: National Center for Educational Statistics

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Sun Tracking Control Strategy Engineering Essay Free Essays

It is acceptable realized that in principle, 41 % more daylight is accessible by following the PV staff to follow the everyday class of the Sun, near to fixed installings. The general point of this overview is to build up a control calculation that improved open introduction and constancy the two-pivot sun powered tracker. To achieve this end, this study dressed mineral on streamlining the LM3S811 based bookkeeper board, push equipment and bundle. We will compose a custom article test on Sun Tracking Control Strategy Engineering Essay or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now Catchphrases: inserted framework structure, two-pivot Sun trailing, control calculation. A ±ntroductA ±on Sun based vitality frameworks and hardware, for example, PV and twenty-four hours illuming frameworks, sun based aggregators, and sunlight based fueled warmth motors work best when their aggregators point directly at the Sun. Adding a sun powered tracker to these frameworks expands their efficiencies at the disbursal of beginning and operational expenses and framework multifaceted nature. It has been evaluated that the use of a trailing framework, over a fixed framework, can expand the force final result by 20 % †40 % with cost expansion 10 % - 30 % [ 1-3 ] . Since the Sun ‘s place in the sky changes with the seasons and the clasp of twenty-four hours, tracker is utilized to aline the total framework to expand vitality creation. A few variables must be viewed as when finding the utilization of trackers. A portion of these include: the sun powered building being utilized, the entirety of direct sun powered illumination, feed-in obligations in the part where the framework is conveyed, and the expense to place in and keep the trackers. Concentrated applications like concentrated photovoltaic boards ( CPV ) or concentrated sun oriented force ( CSP ) require a high evaluation of truth to ensure the daylight is coordinated precisely at the point of convergence of the reflector or focal point. The two essential classs of trackers are singular hub and twofold pivot. Single hub sun powered trackers can either hold a level or an opposite hub. In concentrated sun based force applications, singular pivot tracker is utilized with explanatory and added substance Fresnel reflect structures. Double pivot sun based trackers have both a level and an opposite hub leting them to follow the Sun ‘s clear signal practically wherever known to man This paper presents a control plot for a two tomahawks sun oriented tracker that is executed in an ARM based Stellaris L3S811 microcontroller. Right sun place is construed from the GPS. The proposed control plot comprises of a blend between ; a loosened cringle following plan, and a shut cringle conspire. The general point of this overview is to build up a control calculation that improves open introduction and reliability the two-pivot Sun tracker. To achieve this end, this study focuses on upgrading the bookkeeper board, push equipment and bundle. Two-axA ±s Sun tracker The Sun ‘s shafts can be decayed into two constituents, one opposite to the board surface, and the other simple to the surface, where just the previous radiation can be gotten by the board. Thusly, the edge between the Sun ‘s bars and the typical of the board which is known as the episode point ought to be each piece little as could reasonably be expected. Frequency edge adjustments with the diurnal and occasional variances. Hence, the fixed-introduced sunlight based aggregators can non to the full retain the sun oriented radiation vitality. On the off chance that at any clasp via naturally following sun based aggregators, board spot can be balanced orchestrating to the Sun ‘s trip to chop down the rate edge ; it will have the option to ingest more sun based radiation vitality than the fixed boards in a similar illumination conditions. The board of double pivot Sun following framework turns around the two equally opposite shafts, AZ shaft and lift shaft, appeared in Fig 1. It will follow the Sun ‘s AZ point and lift edge, with the goal that the board can achieve occurrence edge of 0. Two strategies are ordinarily utilized in sun oriented trailing to put and follow the spot of the Sun at any squint of an eye of clasp among first light and dusk: the shut cringle control strategy and the detached cringle control technique. The shut cringle control technique utilizes a few input identifiers, for example, LDR, photodiode, light-force indicators, notice cells and a sign preparing circuit [ 4-6 ] . The sign preparing circuit looks at the finished result signs of the locators and works on an input cringle with the pined for signal status. The finish of the cringle is to deliver maximal whole mix-up signal from identifiers by consistently seting the tracker path until the shadow on the indicators is as far as possible. A downside of the shut cringle control strategy is that it can non effectually track the Sun on a shady twenty-four hours without a strong calculation. Fig. - Structure of the two-pivot Sun tracker. The detached cringle control strategy utilizes the longitude and scope informations of the sun based tracker area to discover and follow the spot of the Sun [ 7, 8 ] . It has the benefits of simple booking and high truth. The framework is less complex and less expensive than the shut circle sort of Sun following frameworks [ 9 ] . It does non identify the finished result of the systems that it is directing. In any case, a fixed get bringing down method of the tracker at first light every twenty-four hours is required in this strategy. Hence, the get bringing down method of the tracker must be amended from clasp to cut. Subsequently, an open-circle framework can non redress any slip-ups so it could do and may non balance for annoyances in the framework. Indicating Elevation and Azimuth Angles The calculation for Sun trailing utilizes the sunlight based lift, i?â ±e and azimuth, i? ±A points processed at the sun based tracker area. The tracker must be adjusted on a level plane to discover the lift and AZ edges precisely alongside the hr and decrease edges with respect to the grand equator or plane as portrayed in Fig.1. Sun oriented lift, i?â ±e is the point between the horizon and the line connecting the start and the Sun that is, the supplement of the apex edge. Sunlight based AZ, i? ±A is the precise superseding of the projection of the line to the Sun onto the flat plane from the south hub. The sun oriented lift edge, i?â ±e, of the direction framework in the opposite plane, ?e, can be determined as follows [ 9 ] sini?â ±e=sini?â ¤ sini?â ¦ +cosi?â ¤ cosi?â ¦ cosi?â · ( 1 ) Where e is the lift edge of the framework i?â ¦ is the scope. is the hr edge ( 15 A ; deg ;/hr ) , where ? = 0 at neighborhood early afternoon. is the sun powered decrease, where ? is determined from Cooper ‘s condition, ( 2 ) N is the twenty-four hours of the twelvemonth ( 1 †365 ) with N = 1 stand foring the first of January. Fig. †The connection among lift and apex points. The azimuth edge of the framework in the flat plane, ?An, is determined as [ 9 ] . ( 3 ) The sunlight based trailing framework typically comes back to its underlying leftover portion place after nightfall, and begins to follow the Sun after the Sun transcends the horizon. The day break and dusk times can be determined using [ 13 ] for framework area. DesA ±gn and application 3.1. Mechanical Design The boards ‘ bolster development was planned with two evaluations of opportunity so as to change the attitude and direction. Moreover, the build of the board ‘s bolster each piece great as the framework that permits this help to go around the two tomahawks was created. The tracker is made out of a fixed base which is straight on the land, holding a component that interfaces the base to the back uping development of the boards. This system comprises of two sections, which have an evaluation of opportunity ( from one another ) in two tomahawks. For modifying the manner of the development, extra direct actuator is mounted to the sunlight based tracker control framework. Direct actuators are profoundly exact by structure, especially when contrasted with pneumatic and water driven arrangements. Screw based mechanical added substance actuators permit to advance or pull back the inspiration pole by profoundly little expands, which is required for the specific situation of sun based tracker. Electric added substance actuator devours profoundly low power and are accessible in 12 Volts d.c. it very well may be controlled by the sunlight based board itself bolstered by a battery. Direct actuators can be close to nothing, especially while sing the extent of signal that is required for venturing to every part of the Sun tracker. Photo of the mechanical development is appeared in Fig. 3. Fig. †Mechanical development of the Sun tracker. 3.2. Equipment Design The equipment configuration joins the inserted microcontroller with two DC engine drivers, rotational DC engine, DC engine controlled added substance actuator, sun oriented revolving movement instrument, GPS, pyranometer, wind check, tilt switches and MEMBS based inclinometer. A general square chart of the control framework is appeared in Fig. 4. Worldwide arrangement framework ( GPS ) is associated with the microcontroller by means of a standard sequential RS-232 port. GPS sends to the microcontroller sentences, that contains a twine of characters, constantly. These sentences primarily incorporate longitude, scope, tallness, day of the month and clasp for area where GPS is put. Since microcontroller has the existent clasp clock hardware, it is decently precise over brief periods, yet it needs normalization irregularly. As an outcome, the GPS clock signal is utilized to refresh the microcontroller ‘s inward clasp irregularly and in this way impacts of the drawn out missteps are killed. As part of the endeavor to better sun oriented tracker constancy and better understanding open introduction, a pyranometer is being added to sun based tracker. This pyranometer permits the informations obtaining framework to mensurate precisely the irradiance saw by the PV resources on that tracker, and consequently better administer the effect of the following calculation on the vitality finished result of

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4 Follow-Up Email Examples after Interview

4 Follow-Up Email Examples after Interview The job application process is a long and complex thing to go through. While it is easy to think it all culminates into that long-awaited job interview, you actually have things to do even after the interview is over. The ball is still in your hand as well and you should consider typing a few emails to take agency in your job hunt.A follow-up email is a good idea right after the interview. It shows that you have enthusiasm for the role â€" you didn’t just come to the interview and then forget about it â€" and it provides you with one last chance of making a positive impression.In fact, the follow-up email is a great way of ensuring the hiring manager doesn’t forget about you and your suitability for the role.So, what are the follow-up emails you should send after your job interview? Here are four examples and tips on writing that all-important follow-up. THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF A GOOD AFTER-INTERVIEW EMAILNow, before we get started with the examples, let’s first consider the building blocks of a good follow-up email. There are certain rules you want to follow to ensure your email is professional and effective. The point of a follow-up email is not there just to say “Hello!” â€" you want to use it to your advantage and showcase one last time why you are such a good pick for the role.What are the building blocks you must keep in mind? There are five rules to writing a follow-up and they are:You mention the roleYou must mention the role you were interviewed for in your email. It’s all good to hope you’ve left such a lasting impression on the interviewer that he or she will recognize you immediately but the chances are the hiring manager has other things to do.They might interview to multiple positions and have met a number of candidates before and after you. Simply noting the position will immediately remind the person of the c andidates and make it easier to connect your follow-up email to a person.You make a connection to the interviewYou should also get a bit more personal and create a link between your email and the interview you just had. This can be something basic such as thanking the person for the opportunity. But you can go a bit deeper and remind them of a conversation you had or a fun point of interest you shared.It’s just about creating a more personal connection and memory of you as a person and candidate in the interviewer’s mind. So, think back to the interview and pick something you can mention at the start.You have to remind the person of your suitability for the roleIt’s also a good idea to include a short reminder of your suitability for the role. You want to quickly go over the main reason you would be a good hire.For example, if you noticed during the interview that the hiring manager emphasized communication as the key (perhaps you asked about it from the employer!), then you s hould remind them about your strong communication skills here. This can be an example you mentioned during the interview or an achievement you’ve previously received.You have to be politeA good follow-up letter will also maintain a positive and polite tone. This includes common courtesy in terms of the language you use â€" it’s essentially about good email etiquette. A quick reminder of a email etiquette right here:General Email Etiquette RulesAll CAPS is considered shoutingSo is over punctuating!!!!!!!Not using capitalization or punctuation makes email hard to readText messaging abbreviations r confusing 2 ur co-workersAvoid emoticonsExplain abbreviation (Btw, lol, md)Check spelling and grammar before sendingKeep slang at a minimum (hey whts up, dud)Source: SlideShare  presentationMake sure to use the appropriate titles as well. Don’t use the first name unless the hiring manager specifically told you to do so during the interview.You use proper grammarRelating to the above po int, you also need to ensure the letter is grammatically correct. Use a spellchecker such as Grammarly or write the email on Word first before sending it. You can ruin your good interview by not being able to write properly in an email. So, do take it seriously and proofread your email before hitting that send button.THE 4 FOLLOW-UP EMAIL EXAMPLESSo, what type of emails should you send after an interview? There are four great examples of follow-up emails that all serve a slightly different purpose. Check out the examples and pick the ones that you feel will help you improve your chances of landing a second interview or the job.The short and immediate follow-upThe first follow-up email you might want to consider is the short and immediate follow-up. This is essentially going to be:Short in length â€" only four to seven sentences.Sent within 24h of the interview â€" you don’t want to send it right after, but you do want to ensure the hiring manager gets it the next day.The short and immediate follow-up is a great all-around option. If you feel like your interview was a success, then this is a suitable option. It uses the five building blocks in a short and sweet manner â€" you’ve already done the hard part and impressed the hiring manager with your resume and interview and now, you are just reminding them that you are super-excited about the role.The subject line: Thank you Job position interviewDearName and title of hiring manager,I wanted to thank you for your time yesterday. I enjoyed our conversation about Topic discussed, and I’m excited about the possibility to join Company as Job position. I believe the role is perfect for my Strength/Skill. As mentioned, I’m proud of my Achievement related to the job role and believe it would help me in the role. I’m looking forward to hearing more and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.Best regards, Name Phone numberThe in-depth and immediate follow-upYou could also opt for the more in-de pth and immediate follow-up. This is sent similarly to the first follow-up example rather soon after the interview. The next day is often a good idea â€" it’s soon enough for the person to remember you and not immediate enough to seem desperate.The difference is mainly in the content and the length of the email. There are two great uses for this longer format:The first example is in the case of not having the best job interview and you feel like you want to ensure the hiring manager understands your strengths and skills better. The aim at this point is to focus on mentioning any achievements and skills you didn’t get to talk about and to go deeper into why you think you are suitable for the role.The other situation when you might want to use the longer format is when you have told you’d get back to the hiring manager on something. Perhaps you weren’t able to fully answer a question and you want to respond to it now. In some cases, the hiring manager might have asked you to c larify something later and this gives you a good chance to do it.The longer format is a so-called recovery email. It can help you salvage the situation and ensure the hiring manager gets all the facts.The subject line: Thank you Job position interviewDearName and title of hiring manager,I enjoyed speaking with your yesterday about the Job position at the Company. I feel the job is an excellent match for my skills and interest.I just want to take the opportunity to mention about the Achievement/skill/position that wasn’t clear. Explanation.As discussed, I have worked extensively with Skill relevant to job and my Achievement relevant to skills will give me the right tools to succeed in the goal. You said the company hopes to Vision or goal the department/company has and I believe my experience with Skill relevant to the goal will help me achieve that.I appreciate the time you took to interview me and I’m looking forward to hearing about the position. If you have any questions or c oncerns, please let me know.Best regards, Name Phone numberThe second reminder follow-upThe above two are examples of the more immediate follow-up you should make right after the interview. You should definitely opt for either of those examples in the two days after the interview. But you might also want to make a second follow-up a little later â€" generally, you want to send a second email within a week of the first email.The first follow-up example in terms of reaching out for the second time is useful for those occasions when you haven’t heard from the hiring manager. It is essentially just aimed at checking up with the recruiter once more. This is good for the second follow-up but you can also use it in case you forgot to make the first follow-up after your interview.It shouldn’t be too long and the aim is just to remind the employer that you are still there and hoping to get the role. You should focus on the building blocks mentioned earlier but you shouldn’t get too muc h into detail regarding the interview at this point. In this email, you are just looking for some answers and confirmation regarding the job position.The subject line: Inquiry Your NameDearName and title of hiring manager,I just wanted to check if you have any news regarding the Job position. I really enjoyed our conversation on Date of the interview and would appreciate any feedback you might have regarding my interview.I understand that you must be busy but let me know when you have time. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know!Best regards, Name Phone numberThe second meeting follow-upFinally, you have the example of the second follow-up email that emphasizes creating a long-term connection with the hiring manager. In a way, it is a networking email rather than “Did I get the job?” letter.This follow-up email can be used on those occasions when you haven’t heard anything from the hiring manager or, indeed, you got a rejection letter from them. The aim here is to establish a professional relationship with the person and ensure you have a new network connection whether you got the role or not. You’re essentially writing a “Let’s keep in touch” letter with this example follow-up.Now, you could even use this format for requesting a second interview if you want. This is all about meeting again and staying in touch. If you feel the job hasn’t yet slipped your hands, you can email them to ask for a new meeting. You can then try to win them over one last time.Whether or not you ask for a second interview, the objective is to thank the hiring manager for the opportunity and to highlight your interest in working with the organization. You will leave a better and more lasting impression â€" even if you don’t get the role now, the hiring manager might remember you in the future.The subject line: Inquiry Your NameDearName and title of hiring manager,I wanted to thank you again for the opportunity at Company and I was wondering i f you have any news regarding Job position and whether you’d like to meet up to discuss the role further. I have some ideas regarding An objective in the role that I would love to share with you. I would be free to meet up anytime next week if that’s possible.I’m not sure if you had my LinkedIn profile yet, so here’s a Link to it. I would love to stay in touch.I understand you must be busy, but do let me know if you have to time to catch up or if you have any news regarding the role.Best regards, Name Phone numberTHE BOTTOM LINE OF A GOOD FOLLOW-UP EMAILYou definitely want to use follow-up emails to highlight your interest for the role, as well as remind the hiring manager that you are a good pick. While you want to send an immediate follow-up, you also want to get back later down the line as well.This is to help with networking and to remind the hiring manager you are still there. Remember that hiring managers don’t always purposefully forget to respond â€" therefore, the re is nothing wrong in reminding them that you still haven’t heard from them.You just don’t want to start harassing them â€" two to three follow-up emails with enough pauses between them are enough. If you still don’t hear anything, you just have to move forward to the next interview.

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Causes and Characteristics of Dyslexia - 825 Words

Causes and Characteristics of Dyslexia (Essay Sample) Content: IntroductionLiteracy is a major competency necessary for the proper participation in the modern life. It is a prerequisite for the achievement of various qualifications that includes both the generic and specific (Snowling et al., 72). Conceivably, it underpins the accessibility of learners to all areas of learning across the entire curriculum. There exist groups of students who experience long persistent difficulties in literacy. This condition is referred to as "dyslexia." No universal definition of the condition exists across the English speaking countries. However, according to the working definition of 2003, it refers to neurobiological specific learning disability that is characterized by difficulty with the accurate and fluent recognition of words and underdeveloped spelling and decoding abilities. The term dyslexia has brought about numerous confusion and misunderstanding. It commonly used by a number of health specialist, researchers, and the public (Snowling et al., 72).Identification of dyslexic conditions of individual can help them understand their ability and experiences toward learning. However, this particular identification does not provide the required direction on the best way to help, support, and teach the individuals in this group how to read and write. Notably for this reason, educationists have avoided the use of the term in educational contexts with other terms such as "learning difficulty" and "specific learning disability" adopted.Literature reviewThe term à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‹Å"dyslexiaà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ was first used in the year 1887 to refer to a condition of a young boy who experienced multiple difficulties in learning how to read and write, despite of depicting the physical and intellectual abilities (Fletcher-Campbell 40). The studies on dyslexia throughout the 20th century were built on the notion that dyslexia was supported by visual deficits that involved backward and upside down reading of words. However, during the 1970s, researchers suggested that this condition originated from the manner in which phonological form of speech is processed. Recent studies that uses modern imaging techniques reveals the differences in the manner in which the brain of the "dyslexic" person operates (Snowling et al., 78). Despite a century of the research, this condition has formed one of the controversial debates in the fields of psychology, education, and developmental neurology (Fletcher-Campbell 40). The contention and the controversy hereby emerges from the insufficient and varying definition of dyslexia and theories that surround its causes, characteristics and various its subtypes (Snowling et al., 78).The condition is widely accepted, as the specific learning disability that has its own biological features, differentiating it from all other sorts of learning disabilities. It is the most common learning disability problem and studies estimates it affecting about 2 to 20 percent of the population of the world (Fle tcher-Campbell 40).Causes and characteristics of DyslexiaThe definitions of dyslexia vary considerably internationally between nations and organizations with contention on its causes and characteristics. However, there exists consensus between the definitions in the belief that it unexpected difficulty experienced in learning how to read and right. According Snowling et al.,(p72), individuals with dyslexia will display characteristic not limited to difficulty in: * formation of letters * naming of letters * associating sounds with symbols * spelling and writing * following instruction * expression ideas in writingCharacteristics of dyslexia vary great between individuals. Notably and not all the individuals will have these difficulties.SummaryReading is the main gateway to learning. Understanding ability and the proper use of written language forms a...